Need fastener for toilet paper holder


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Need fastener for toilet paper holder

So we lost the screw to our toilet paper holder but I went to HD and found that a #12-24 screw fits perfectly. But they only had 'traditional' screws (i.e. with a big head). I need something with no head.

Not having much luck online, so any help would be appreciated!

I need something like this:

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Just make it. Cut the head off and put a slot in the end. Been there done that more than once.

A hacksaw or Dremel Tool will get the job done. You will need a vice to hold the screw but if you don't have one everyone needs one so now is the excuse to buy one.

Or use a set screw. Any real hardware store will have drawers of them. (HD is not really a hardware store.)
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Thanks for the info/explaining what I should be looking for.

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