An odd question that doesn't fit into any category


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An odd question that doesn't fit into any category

The problem is simple, the solution not so much. I can't lift heavy objects, and so I need a way to regularly get my lawn mower up (and down) five steps that minimizes strain on my body. Any suggestions?

Incidentally, what do I need to do in order to get notified by email when there are responses to my question?
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I believe you subscribe to the thread to get notifications. It is located under thread tools.

As for the mower, you can't go around the stairs? My first thought is to use a ramp or ramps.
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I assume the need to bring the mower up 5 steps is for secure storage ?? Is it feasible to do so at a location that doesn't require steps?
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A ramp sounds like the way to go. 5 regular steps will mean going up approximately 3 feet. How heavy is the mower and how steep an incline will you be able to handle? You could use a small winch or pulley system to help move the mower up the incline. Can you post a picture of the area you are trying to navigate?
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the inclined plane was my first thought

You might be able to get the city to do that for you through ADA (American Disabilities Act) if your disabled, or a vet, VA volunteers, the local trade school? If its your own property, maybe a small premade shed would be better and easier, and keep it on the ground where you use it.

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