Hinge Unmatched Sides?


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Hinge Unmatched Sides?

I'm just getting started changing out all of our ugly shiny brass door hardware, and when I look to see what kind of new stuff to buy, I find these hinges on our exterior doors (front, patio, garage). What's going on here? The jamb side has radiused corners, but the door sides are square, on all three doors. Is this normal? I'm not a hinge expert, but I've never heard of this and can't find any reference to such a setup. The only thing I can think is the builders got a deal on doors with squared mortises, but the jambs had radiused mortises, so they took radiused and squared hinges apart and put them back together with one side of each. Actually, the second picture, which is the door to the garage, is metal, and looks to have no mortise. The hinge is screwed to the flat surface. Is that normal on metal doors? Shouldn't the hinge at lease have matching sides though?
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Square hinges are used on hand made mortises. Radiused corner or for power mortised doors. Both are common. I'd suggest square corner hinge and use a corner chisel to square the radius mortises.
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It's odd but then it's hard to say what all has happened during an older house's life. I agree with Ray with using squared hinges for the replacement. Make sure you get the right size hinges. The screw holes may or may not line up with the new hinges.
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That was common on a few door brands.... I'm not sure that these are an exact match, but they are similar.

4 x 4 x 5/8 Radius Leaf x Square Corner Residential Stainless Steel Hinge, Deltana SS44058TA32D - Doorware.com
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OK, I guess it's not unheard of then. Thanks for the link, so I can see that these are actually made that way. In fact, now I find a few other examples, such as this:


So I'll either measure real carefully and get something like this for direct replacement, or square off the radius mortises as suggested, that's a good idea.

Thanks everybody for your help!

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