Possible to force a nut onto a bolt with some damage to bolt


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Possible to force a nut onto a bolt with some damage to bolt

Working on my ContinuousRepair-Vehicle to replace a CV axle after only 80k miles, the new axle would only go in if I hammered the end of it (the end where the wheel nut threads onto) to bang it in.

Obviously this was a poor decision since I apparently did some damage to the threading.

I ground out (in an effort to smooth out) around the tip so the wheel hub nut could go back on but the nut's not "catching" any threads on the bolt.

At this point there's nothing visible (though I'm working with a worklight in the dark since my old lady needs to drive the car tomorrow AM) that I can see is wrong with the bolt (male threaded portion) so I'm not sure there's any other options at this point other than to Uber and tow so I figured I'd Google and then post here in case there's any way to force that nut onto the bolt.

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You will need to clean up the start of the threads with a triangular file before the nut will start. Next time you intend to beat on a bolt with a hammer, put the nut on first.
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Was it just one bolt that was damaged or several ?
On most vehicles those bolts are replaceable.
Some can be tapped out with a hammer and others needs to be pressed out.
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First off thank you so much for the replies.
I realize it's Sunday night and you have far better things to do.

There is only one bolt coming out of the cv axle into the wheel hub and that's the one I damaged.

So there's no forcing the nut on. What are my chances of grinding the damaged portion of the drive bolt clean off with a grinder and then threading on the nut. I'm going to do this anyway since I have nothing to lose (on that axle at least) and I'll try to finesse it as best I can but just want to set my expectations realistically. In other words is this commonly done or at best I have a 5% chance of getting it right.

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Kind of remindes me of my of the 914 half shaft repair where I damaged the threads on the half shaft.

Tried using a thread file, didn't work, eventually had to order a big die as the thread was something like M28 and was able to clean them up.

Problem is if it gets cross threaded then you have a bigger problem and will need to replace!
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2 things you may have done . 1 flared out the end of shaft and will need to be filed down so nut goes on shaft., 2 threads messed up and the first couple of threads could be filed down as the nut has several threads to screw the nut on. Next time put nut on so it is flat with shaft before you hammer on it.
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So I'm lucky as fugg. I used the grinder to cut off the tip of the axle as cleanly/smoothly as possible. Was able to get the nut to grab a couple of the threads, From there I used the socket wrench and after I got it on some more, the impact wrench took it home. I'll never hammer another bolt without a nut on it again. Thanks
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I know this post is a few months old, but, it doesn't look like that nut is holding much of the axle, I hope you put some locktite on that.
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