Mounting on Plaster


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Mounting on Plaster

Hey all. I'm in need of some confidence before I begin hanging some items on 80 year old plaster walls.

I've got a few low-weight bearing items to mount (medicine cabinet, mirror, floating shelves) and I'm wondering if I "have" to go the route of using toggle bolts. I'm timid about drilling multiple 3/8 holes to hang these items, so, are there any issues with securing them to the lathe with drywall screws?

I'm going to use a stud where I can (assuming I've correctly located them), but most of the anchors need to be placed between studs.

Also, any tell tale signs of when you hit lathe with a pilot hole?

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Good lord, NO! You can't use drywall screws in plaster lath...not for any weight bearing at all. Well, I guess you can...but I sure wouldn't. Plaster may be thick, but it's also brittle. I'd rather repair a 3/8" hole than to deal with cracks running everywhere.

There are different types of anchors that may not take that big of a hole. One looks like a regular cone type anchor, but the screw bends the last inch or so over at a 90 degree angle and acts like a one winged toggle.

I could get swatted down by the Pro's for that opinion, but I sure wouldn't do it. Heck, I don't even use drywall screws. I use deck or wood screws.
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The problem with screwing to the lathe is that your screw can miss the lathe, because there are spaces in between. And since lathe is only 3/8" thick, you can strip the hole pretty easily, if the screw is turned tight it may strip the threads and spin. Going into lathe may work but it will be trial and error.

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