Looking for: scratch-free tarp clip


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Looking for: scratch-free tarp clip

Where I live, coastal flooding is an issue. If a hurricane is coming up it's pretty much mandatory evacuation. But I get flooding with lesser storms, too, where I have to regularly sandbag my basement door.

The driveway is higher than that, fortunately, so that my car hasn't been in danger with any of the nor'easters of other coastal floods, though with one not so long back the water (salt water, mind you) came within a foot or so of my back wheels.

Whenever we have a lesser storm like this coming up it's always a question of "do I park my car a mile away and walk back?"

With another nor'easter due later this week, I had a thought: I ordered a waterproof 12x25' tarp. I'm going to drive my car over and onto it at the highest point on the driveway. If the flooding turns out to be really bad, I figured I could pull the tarp up around the car (it'll reach up at least to the bottom of the windows) and tie it in place over the car.

The question is, how to do so without scratching the paint. My current idea is to use nylon rope with spring loaded carabiners and wrap the carabiners with pipe insulation, duct taping it in place. I could, of course, just use the rope alone, but taking it on and off would be a PITA.

Any thoughts?
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First, that's a great way to make your car float... so tie a rope on it so it doesn't float too far away. Is your tarp 100% waterproof? Most are mostly waterproof but pinholes are not uncommon. That's good enough to let rain water run off but water under pressure is a different thing altogether. You might also want to protect any sharp corners underneath your car with old carpet or padding. If the water rises the tarp will be pushed up and into all the nooks and crannies with great force.

I would just use the rope to tie up the tarp. After all, this is a rather odd and hopefully rare occurrence so you won't be doing it very often but your carabiner and pipe insulation idea could work also.

How high could the water get where you park your car? If it's only a couple feet I would jack the car up and set it on jack stands and not try creating a water proof boat. If the water could get deeper than that I would relocate it somewhere safe and not worry about the tarp boat idea.

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