(were) rusty tire traction cables


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(were) rusty tire traction cables

I have a set of those tire traction cables, not really chains but cables, you know the ladder configuration type, used to install around tires for traction in snow in the wintertime. Don't need 'em anymore because don't have that car anymore with those size tires, so looking to probably sell them for a little cash. They're fine except they have (or had) a pretty decent amount of surface rust on the cable steel windings from being stored when still wet. I soaked them good in penetrating oil (PB blaster) to help get rid of the rust, and will brush them off good next, but am wondering what might be the next step after wiping them off so that they don't stay all oily feeling from the PB Blaster for the person who might be interested in buying/using them. Like to get them at least not so oily feeling.
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Wipe as much oil off as you can and leave the rest on there. It will keep the rust down.
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Ok will wipe em off and call it good. thanks
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I would keep them. You probably won't get much if you sell them and who knows, you might get a vehicle in the future that they will fit.
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I agree with PD! I have a set of chains that don't fit any of my current vehicles but I wouldn't get a fraction of the original cost if I sold them and it's not like they take much storage space.

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