What tools should I use to remove these screws


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Unhappy What tools should I use to remove these screws

Hi all, I'm trying to relocate a cubby house built long ago and got stuck on some screws.

First is this one here Name:  20180805_142002.jpg
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Size:  82.6 KB Name:  20180805_142020.jpg
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It looks like a pair closed very tight and no way I can pull them apart.

Second is the long screw with socket Name:  20180805_142109.jpg
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Size:  96.0 KB Name:  20180805_142119.jpg
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Size:  97.0 KB. I'm thinking it got stuck in the wood for too long so it becomes so hard to take it out?

Any advice or comment is appreciated, thanks.
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Welcome to the forums from down under.

The fastener in the first picture is a rivet. Use a 3/16" drill bit and drill to drill the head off. The body of the rivet is aluminum and will drill easily. Once the head is drilled off..... push the rivet thru and out the back.

The second is a galvanized carriage bolt. It's plated so it doesn't corrode. Just use a wrench to back the nut off and then drive the bolt out of the wood. Be careful when driving out so as not to damage the threads if you intend to reuse them. I use a 1/4" punch to drive them out. You could use a small screwdriver. If the bolt is tough to drive out.... once the head is clear of the wood you can use a Vise Grips or Channellock pliers to turn the bolt out counterclockwise by the head.

If that round head turns when backing the nut off..... drive a screwdriver behind the head between it and the wood to act as a wedge. Once the nut is loose it should come right off.
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Thanks a lot. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
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1. Wrenches for nuts and bolts.
2. Screw driver, drill driver, or impact driver for screws.
3. Drill and drill bit for rivets.

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