Help with driving larger screws


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Help with driving larger screws

Hi, i am attaching a 2x4 horizontally to the side of house in order to hang bicycles from J hooks.

I need to go through the 1-1/2" 2x4, then 1' hardi-siding, then plywood sheathing, and then into wall stud. So I was using 4" #12 screws. I need solid purchase in the stud to hold the weight and avoid flexing from bikes being put on/taken off.

I was driving screws with my impact driver. But broke the first two. I drilled 1/8" pilot holes, which was perhaps 1/64" too small. I went kinda fast on the first screw, but slowed down properly on the second.

I am wondering what I can do differently. I think one thing is the hardi-siding needs a full-sized pass-through pilot hole, since that stuff tends to grab screws.

But I am afraid if I use the regular drill with the clutch to drive the screws, it won't allow me enough torque to get the job done.

Before I ruin another bunch of screws and destroy the walls in my next attempt, I am seeking advice. Thanks.
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I put teflon paste on my screws. keeps from splitting wood too..

Like the old soap trick..
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If using big long screws you can run them across a bar of soap, that will dramatically cut down on the friction without effecting the clamp load!
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Drill the hole in the piece you are attaching (the 2x4) so that the screw threads do not grab it at all. Then hold the 2x4 where you want it and mark the screw locations. Drill a pilot hole in the material you are attaching the 2x4 to the size of the screw shank. The threads will do all the grabbing.

You might also want to get better screws. #12 are pretty thin. Spax are a good heavy lag screw. An impact gun is the only tool I would use to run in any of these long screws.
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Sounds like a job for Ledgerloks.
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Excellent. Thanks everyone

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