Mysterious Tool (?)


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Mysterious Tool (?)

In the link below are images for a tool I am currently trying to figure out what it is exactly. My Dad found it at work and nobody there could figure out what it is. I've tried my best guess searching for it online to no avail. If somebody could at least give me a name for it, that would be great.

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Kind of looks like it is the handle of a rechargeable appliance, and the rest of it is missing. Like a stick vacuum, or sone type of dustbuster, dirtdevil or something.
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The bottom portion looks like a band strap or stretch wrap cutter. You can see the cutting blade inside the notch. I have no idea what the other end is used for.
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Handle and battery for an industrial bar code scanner.

The cutting blade indicates that it was used at a receiving warehouse to cut open shrink-wrapped or strapped pallets and then inventory the contents of the pallet.

The ball contacts and lock-channel indicate that this object has a rechargeable battery for a separate bar code scanner unit.

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