Half-threaded screw bolt pin?


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Half-threaded screw bolt pin?

I'm trying to identify and locate this part for purchase. It is from a pressure washer's pressure sensor and screws in by the plunger/spring section in the 1st image. You can see the head snapped off and it was an absolute nightmare to remove...

Appreciate any help.

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Pretty sure you need to find the schematic for that power washer and order it from them. Brand, model #, etc. All would be helpful to know.
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They'll sell me the entire assembly for the low sale price of only $89.00 (currently on sale from $159.00). Purchasing the screw alone was not an option.

I politely refused.
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I would call it a flat head machine screw. If it was just holding the inspection cover in place then the shank probably isn't too important and you might be able to use a screw threaded all the way which might be easier to find.

The first step is to measure the diameter (accurately) or test screw it into some nuts of known size to find out if it's English or Metric threads and what size. Then measuring the length is easy.
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Welcome to the forums.

This is an electric pressure washer ?
I've never seen an electrical pressure switch on one before.

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