lazy susan

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lazy susan

Got sort of a heavy duty "lazy susan" swivel hardware assembly that lost a couple of it's single ball bearings when the cabinet thing it was mounted on was moved awkwardly and twisted so these two ball bearings (out of the eight total) managed to escape, never to be found probably.
I checked the hardware store and the auto parts store; they don't sell single ball bearings, which didn't surprise me. The bearings are about 7/16 round size; if I needed to I could take another out for comparison/measurement for a new one. Any idea where I might be able to get a couple of these single ball bearings? I have no idea where to check.
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Call a cabinet manufacture. Or a cabinet store. Try McMaster-Carr. They have everything!
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Precision Bearing in Omaha, Ne.

other than that, honestly dont know. Grainger?
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Amazons got them too...........
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Try the cabimet manufacturer. I had Kraft Maid cabinets and the lazy Susans wore out probably because we overloaded them. I think the replacement bearings were probably $20 each.

I just ordered a new lazy Susan for a corner cabinet. Made by Rev a Shelf sold by Rockler among a lot of other places.
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Ball bearings come in many, many, many diameters. Simply eyeballing or measuring with a ruler might be accurate enough. Measure a ball with calipers or micrometers to find it's size if you have the tool. Or, since I don't know anyone who sells small balls individually the minimum order size is going to be more than you need to replace all the balls. That way you don't have to get the same exact size. Exact would be best but it will work if you get balls that are simply "close enough".

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