Sleeve anchor in concrete sheared


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Sleeve anchor in concrete sheared

Hi all!

Gun safe in back closet with sleeve anchors drilled into the concrete slab (no sub-floor or basement here). Back anchors did not go in well and as I torqued them down, the back 2 torsion sheared through. I kept trying to add spacers and tighten them down again because the safe was able to tilt forward quite a bit and I worry about it being pulled down by my little one. So I kept messing with them until the back 2 gave out.

How can I extract them? Is it possible? One sheared below the concrete line and the other sheared above. IF I can get them out, I recognize I probably need thicker anchors if they will fit the pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the safe.

Also, if anyone has similar background, is there a way to make them more secure in the future to keep the safe tight to the floor?

Thank you!
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Did the bolts snap/sheer or are they not gripping in the concrete?

When you drilled the holes in the concrete hopefully you drilled all the way through the slab. Then it's easy to simply drive them all the way through and down into the dirt and start over with a new fastener. If you didn't drill all the way through the slab I'd start considering anchors that are epoxied in place or drill new holes several inches away.
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They are gripping, they were grabbing but had too much wiggle. I think between testing the safe by tilting it and re-tightening it, they appear to have twist-sheared through (from the one that snapped above ground). The base of both are in the cement.

I did not drill through, I suspect the slab is very thick based on the outside view of it, probably beyond my ability to drill through without specialized equipment.

I probably don't have enough space to get a good epoxy grip in the existing holes. Moving the safe over is plan B, I might look at some sort of metal drill bit to destroy the anchors so I can extract them and re-use the holes.
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You should also put a couple of lag bolts through the back wall of the safe into the house wall for more security and to prevent any tipping possibility.
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I anchored many safes and when the epoxy anchors were introduced, I switched and never regretted it. Don't remember ever having a complaint about a chem-stud pulling loose. I recommend moving the safe a few inches and installing epoxied anchors.
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