Broken Screw Removal


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Broken Screw Removal

I have two screws that have broken off inside some oak. They must be made of some type of tempered steel because I cannot get a drill bit or a Dremel bur to faze them. Any suggestions?
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Screws can be pretty hard and tough to drill.
You may need to enlarge the area in the wood where the screw is broken in order to grab the screw with Vise Grips.
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I assume you're trying to disassemble something, the screw broke, and you're working on the ugly side of the piece.

The simplest solution is get a cheap drill bit that's larger than the remaining threads on the screw, Using a drill press for small things, or a jig for large furniture, drill a hole just to the side to create overlapping holes.
Use an awl on the opposite side to pop the screw into the new larger hole and then a needle nose pliers or strong magnet to remove the broken screw end.
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What were the broken screws doing, how are they being used? Can you reposition and put new screws somewhere else? Can you drill new holes in a mounting bracket so you can install new screws next to the old broken ones?
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I feel like you don't have many options that don't involve some small amount of damage to the wood work to release the broken screw. @PJmax already suggested reaming the hole some to expose more of the screw where the head was. Alternatively, you could enlist a small sized oscillating tool metal bit to cut straight into the screw from the top to create a slot for a standard screwdriver to fit. Another option would be to use an oscillating tool with a metal bit to cut at the screw perpendicularly where the two wood pieces are joined then you would need to remove the two screw pieces that remain independently of each other.

Another reasonable option is to use a product from WoodRiver that basically bores out the wood surrounding the screw. This is pretty close to going nuclear on the screw, but it may be easier depending on what project your dealing with. Here's the product information:
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If you use an extractor as Sn3akyP3t3 suggested it leaves a nice clean hole that can be plugged with a piece of dowel and a new screw hole drilled there if needed.

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