Storm Door Sags


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I had a storm door installed years ago. It has worked great, gets used alot. Today I noticed that the door is now unlevel. Runs downhill (if you will)away from the door jamb. This causes the door to rub on the bottom right at the bottom and the top right on the side. Opening is on the right where this is occurring. Door is hinged on the left.

Anyway, my hunch is that these little parts (bushings maybe) have worn to a point that they cannot support the door. I have tried to tighten up the screws on the jamb and also on the door hinges itself. Very little success. I can definitely see the gap widening between the door and the door jamb (hinge side/left side) from about halfway up.

Any ideas how to fix?
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Your screws holding up your storm door have probably loosened and enlarged the screw hole so they cannot be tightend. Try removing them and replacing with a screw which is at least 1/2 inch longer. One size larger in diameter would also help.

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