Numb Fingers

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Numb Fingers Please Help!


One day I woke up to fing that the last two fingers of my right hand were numb. Nothing too painful just uncomfortable. It has now been two weeks and it has progressed to numbness and pain in the last two fingers, wrist and forearm to elbow and upper inner arm (burning in palm of hand and shooting pain) also weakness in wrist and grip. I don't do any over head lifting but I do work with computers, but nothing that would place significant pressure on my elbows or shoulders. I'm only 22 years old so I was wondering if this is serious enough to need to go to my doctor, or if it will go away on its own?

If someone can help me it would be great


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For persistent numbness with developing pain over such a length of time, a trip to the doctor is certainly in order. It may be a pinched or otherwise injured nerve.

Hope this helps.
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acupuncture works

I have seen many folks with numbness find benifit with acupuncture.
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Ulnar Nerve

I had this several years back. Do a search on ulnar nerve.
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It may not be for the same reasons, but this has happened to me too.
Im an insomniac, so im up late at night and i usually end up falling asleep during the daytime in school. Before i fall asleep my hands and arms are fine. But once i wake up my middle, ring and pinky finers are numb, along with my wrist and halfway up the forearm. It usually goes away about 30 minutes later. After a while my ring and pinky fingers started getting a bits stiffer and they seemed to pop more.
It took a week or two for the numbness and stiffness to even start happening to me, when it first did happen i got scared and thought that i had slept on my arm so much that i had damaged a nerve or vein or something
As i said, it may not be the same thing, but as i was reading this thread it sounded much similar to my story, and i thought i should post my experience.

(P.S. when i do go to sleep my arms are usually crossed and i rest my head right on the area where a lot of veins are passing by)

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