Tingly and numbness in my right leg...

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Tingly and numbness in my right leg...

Hi Everyone,

This is the off-topic post by a first-time visitor so please bear with my ignorance.

I found the forum very interesting while searching for some questions about my numbness in my right leg.

I've been working from home for a number of years and the past year mainly with a laptop in a recliner in front of a tv/monitor. I've been using my laptop as just that... a computer resting in my lap.

Of course, I would work for 6-10 hours/day with my laptop and my leg occassionally would get rather warm... sometimes even hot. During the winter, I would have a blanket on me with the laptop on top of it which probably didn't help things since the laptop would get even hotter when it couldn't circulate air as well.

Well, about three weeks ago, I've noticed that my entire right thigh - about two inches above my kneecap for about 12 inches upward is extremely numb and in one spot (about 2"x2") the skin hurts to touch as if it were sunburned.

I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong with my leg as I've been working in the yard the past week or so and the leg muscles themselves seem fine and I have no problem dragging trees around that I've cut down (using alot of leg muscles) and putting them on the fire and raking piles of leaves.

However, the skin area still feels numb ALL THE TIME now and has been bothering me. I no longer use the recliner I was using and also no longer put the laptop in my lap. In my research I've read about others who have "burns" from laptops and other devices. Some have said that it doesn't require intense heat but a slow buildup of temperature over time can cause numbness to the skin.

My question is:

1) Do I sound stupid thinking that my laptop could have caused this symptom?

2) And more importantly, if it was the laptop and the fact that I've removed the heat from my leg, will it heal and the feeling return to my leg?

Thank you so kindly for your patience with me. I really do appreciate any thoughts/advice/concerns you might have.

Your friend in Virginia,
Paul L.
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Could be from the laptop, could be poor circulation from sitting in the recliner, could be anything.

The best advice is to see your doctor to be sure it's not something serious.
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You need to see a doctor and do it quickly - the longer you wait, the greater the chance this becomes permanent.
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