Please help. I leave for the marines on june 15, 2009

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Please help. I leave for the marines on june 15, 2009

Whats up everyone out there. My names Kevin. I'm 18 years old. Im a senior in highschool this year, and I'm leaving for the United States Marine Corps 11 days after i graduate. But, i just need some help.

I have a problem.

I have a fast metabolism probably faster than most people, yet im pretty sure im not the only one with this problem.
But i am 6'4'' tall and i weight 184.5 lbs.

i wanna be at least 210 lbs. for the height i am. cause i want to be big and that'll be good enough.

i dont think thats all to big because ill be running alot, because my job int the marines is 0311 infantry.

but i wanna gain about 40 to 45 pounds to be the weight i want to be.

and i hear whey protein is good. but what'll be best to gain weight fast. and i mean really fast????????
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thankyou for your service. Beer 4U2
i think you'll find that basic will put you in shape. don't worry about adding weight as long as your stamina is good. get a jump start on your running.
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Concur with flopshot, although I have to correct the terminology; in the Marine Corps it's Recruit Training, not "Basic".

Also a good idea to work on upper-body strength. If the Marine Recruiters in your local RSS are on the ball they should be helping prepare you while you are in the "pool". Much different than back in the stone ages when recruits went off to boot camp with no advance preparation; I never saw my recruiter in the six months between enlisting and getting on the bus.

Anything I can do to help, PM me.

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As a former 0331 (Heavy Machine Gunner), I agree as well. I was pretty thin before going to MCRD San Diego. After 13 weeks of the best workout ever, I came out looking pretty good. Plus, if the Marine Corps thinks your under weight, they'll designate you a "Double Rat", which means you get double the rations at chow time. Believe me, when you are burning calories at the rate you do in boot, you'll appreciate the fact you get twice the chow. I'd start learning how to eat fast without choking, because you won't get much time to eat the food you get. Good luck. Semper Fi.
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i would add,, keep in touch. i admire your choice.
you will look back on this as a major decision and never regret it. you'll meet people that will shape your life, see things you never knew existed, and be forever change for the better.
don't be afraid to be your own man and pay no attention to those that are there for the free ride. good luck.
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As with all the others...all my best ....keep yer head down when necessary. There's more dead heroes than there are live ones.

Run (a lot!)...pushups, pull-ups.

As to your original question...suplements are just that. 3 (or 4) squares a day. Meat, potatoes, rice, veggies, whole milk. Your body knows what it needs. If you passed the induction physical, then don't sweat it.

Rock on Marine!! Post back later...we'll all be here...(I hope!)
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my brother went in at 6' and 135lbs. double rats. he didn't gain a lb in basic, but after 3 yrs in washington on guard duty working out 2-3hrs daily with free weights he came home 225 with a 29 in waist, so just work hard and keep your head about you. thank you for your service to our country.

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