Teflon Coating

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Teflon Coating

Many, if not all of us have Teflon coated pots, pans and many other assorted cooking devices/appliances like them.

What exactly is the black coating made of chemical wise???

Word has it when the coating becomes deteriorated and begins to peel off or flake off or any similar that exposes the metal it covers, the cooking device/appliance needs to be disposed of. ???

Claims are made the coating is toxic???... when it bleeds into food items and is ingested???...

If so, where is the "Warning Label"???...

Why is it still on the market and used, if the above is all true???

Even careful non scrub cleaning does not seem to prevent that coating from coming off. Excessive heat I think does not seem to help either.

Green coated pans, etc any better???
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Tetrafluoroethylene. It is petroleum based, so I don't think chipping it off and flaking in your cereal is a good idea, but it is like aluminum. Just how much aluminum leeches off a pan when you cook in it? How long will the pan stay a "pan" and not have holes all in it from leeching aluminum? It's OK, I fight with my wife about this stuff all the time. She is a purist, and I don't care. Opposites.

That is why I use cast iron skillets and better brand stainless steel pans, just to keep the peace.

Oh, and don't pour freshly brewed tea in a plastic pitcher. Leaches toxic stuff in the tea.....I guess.
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Here it is, OMG, CHEMICALS! I can only laugh at people that are so paranoid over CHEMICALS. Not necessarily you, Sharp but so many others that don't realize that EVERYTHING under the sun is comprised of chemicals.

Is the Teflon, or whatever new and improved non-stick coatings that come along every few years a hazard? I honestly don't know but I assume that if a person ate several pounds of either the elemental "chemicals" used in the manufacture of the coating or even the coating itself it would not be too healthful. I can say this, however, I have a couple of pans that have the coating in a deteriorating condition and I STILL use these pans.

It is probably true that I have ingested minute particles of non-stick coating over the years. Is THIS the reason behind all my medical problems? I seriously doubt it.

Remember that the plain old table salt that most people use every day is made up of, gasp, CHEMICALS! Not only chemicals, but deadly chemicals like sodium, chlorine and even iodine. All of these are deadly when ingested by themselves but in the combination of table salt they supply essential nutrients that, if missing, can cause several medical maladies.
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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. The chemicals name (Tetrafluoroethylene) alone is a hazard...LOL! Surely just to pronounce...

The coating isn't peeling nor flaking off. Wearing off is more accurate. Which is how it happens over time and age I guess for all of us using the black Teflon coated pans. Below the coating is pure pitted aluminum, which I suspect to be even more of a known or possible hazard. Thus, double hazard!!!...

Any info on the newer GREEN non stick coatings???

Scare tactics abound. Have to believe some are true while most aren't.

Those pre-filled water bottles are claimed to have chemicals that leech into the water too! Advisory is not to refill them more then once or twice before tossing them out. But that product can be stored for emergencies for years. So what is the difference? Handling the bottle claims to weaken it allowing the chemicals to leech out. Or so the advisory claims.


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I don't think that'll hurt you. I just hauled 296.5 pounds of PBR/Mountain Dew cans to Superior for recycling and I'm still kickin'. Cheap buggers only gave me forty cents a pound.

As for teflon....I just make believe it's pepper.


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