Does standing vs sitting create a bigger calorie burn

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I have been working for years at a desk job (on a computer). My job has me working on the computer all the time; not much running around. Ever since I left college, I noticed a serious increase in how easily I'm putting on weight even when my eating habits are improving. Sure some of it is basic metabolism slowdown from aging, but I noticed it even in the first few months.

I attribute it to sitting at the desk. Even though I'm still exercising a lot, 8-10 hours just sitting is a long time to not be burning much!

I'm thinking of asking maintenance to elevate my computer so that I could do the work while standing. Does anyone know if there is a significant calorie burn increase from just standing vs. sitting? Since I still will have to work on the computer all day, I won't be moving around much more than before; just standing instead of sitting.
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I wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference whether you sit or stand when doing your computer work. If you stand and don't move much, you won't be burning that much more. You can do some ab exercises in your chair or how about some arm dips during a break. What are your eating habits on your job? Do you eat while your working?What is your calorie intake for the day? If you have a good lunch break you might can do a 10-15 minute walk and than stretch and eat.Do you lift weights 2-3 times a week, like at a gym or your home, that really does alot to speed up your metabolism.Or maybe pushups and add a bunch of various ab exercises. What kind of cardio exercises do you do?Biking ,skating, walking,and running are good ways to keep the pounds off, doing the miles is also a good way to keep stress low.If you have a bike, commuting to work is also a good way to start the day off, depending how far you live from work.At my last job, I sometimes use to bike, that was a nice 18-19 miles very early morning ride. These are just a few suggestions, I have lots of tips but I'll stop here unless you need more.
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Good tips, and I try as many as possible (eating well, exercising several times a week, etc.) Problem is that with so much time gone for work and family, I thought if I could burn more just by standing instead of sitting, it would multiply by so many working hours.

I have been reading conflicting reports. Some say that standing doesn't burn much more - others say it does burn a lot more.

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I know this talk is old but I was just reading an article on using more calories in our jobs. If there is enough room under you desk do leg lifts, raise toes first then slowly raise leg, hold a few seconds, then slowly lower heel touching first. The article was on how fidgiting could help loss weight... every little bit helps. Oh it reminded us too take the stairs too. Oh if this was a sudden weight gain it wouldn't hurt to go have your thyriod checked. One fast simple blood test can save a lot in the long run. If your gaining weight, feeling tired, cold or having abnormal hair loss (to name a few symtons) get it checked.
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As a radio announcer, they always had us in a standing studio instead of a sitting down position because they said we can take in oxygen better standing and don't tend to breathe as deeply when we were sitting. I worked standing for 7 years and moved to a studio where I sat. Gained 24 pounds. I'm no expert but it seems to have an effect. Now I stand periodically and take some deep breaths and knee bends and raise my arms but will get back to standing while I work as soon as possible. I think it does make a difference.
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You can also buy various forms of wobble boards and balance boards to stand on (i.e. while you talk on the phone) or even to rest your feet on while you sit at your desk. THose will work wonders for your core strength and don't require taking time out of the workday. Trading in your office chair for a big stability ball will also help your core strength. There are lots of manufacturers out there - just google 'stability ball' or 'balance board'.
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I have heard this phenomenon called "body by IBM." Standing will burn more calories than sitting. That said, I think you might be better off to stay sitting and go for a walk at lunchtime. I stand a lot in my line of work and it gets old after a while. The issue may also not be this simple, as the reply above mentioning getting your thyroid checked pointed out.
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I was a weight loss counselor and standing will definately burn more calories per hour than does sitting. Other than sitting up straight you aren't using any muscles to sit but you use many of your leg and lower back muscles to stand.

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Standing vs sitting

I also sit for extended periods of time in my line of work, my concern isn't so much weight gain as much as D.V.T. I have looked into desks that can vary in heights but have not found an option that is affordable. These desks generally operate on hydraulics or some type of pneumatic pressure. Has any one else seen a cheap solution?

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