On line prescription eye glasses

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On line prescription eye glasses

Anybody have any experience with getting prescription eyeglasses through the Internet?

Just got my eye's checked. I was thinking I was getting cataracts, or should I say the existing cataracts were developing.

As it turns out they are not getting worse and the doctor see's no reason to do anything about them at this time.

I find myself needing more and more light and a magnifying glass to read the newspaper. He said part of the problem is just the aging process. But if I didn't know it, he said newsprint has gotten smaller and lighter and it's more of a shade of black on a gray background.

So that's good news. Also my sight prescription has hardly changed from 8 years ago. He did make a slight change (he even asked if it was worth it) and since I lost one of my two pair I said yes make the slight change.

So to get back to my original question, I thought about trying those online eyeglasses. Up until now I've used America's Best and have been very pleased. Maybe I should just stick with them. But has anybody tried the online? If so what did you think in terms of cost, style and service?
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Given that you have a stable prescription, have you considered Lasik? Having the glasses go away completely is fantastic (realistically, is sounds like you would probably need reading glasses but those can come from the drug store).
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A lot of folks that have cataract surgery no longer need glasses .... at least for awhile. My father who had worn glasses since being a teenager didn't need them for about 3 yrs after surgery. My mother also no longer needed glasses and never wore them again. I say that because maybe Lasik isn't worth it when you'll have eye surgery sooner or later anyway.

My concern with online glasses is how do they fit the lens to your eyes? Used to be they measured, then they developed something to look into which did the same thing, probably more accurately. I had a pair of glasses yrs ago where they mismeasured and I couldn't wear them for long.
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I don't know how prices compare, but I got glasses from the local WalMart, and they're fine, and there's an actual person to do the fitting.
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I won't consider LASIK. Don't need it.

Lasik is mainly for for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. None of which I have.

My cataracts are very minor and doctor says it's not worth the effort.

Well after reading all your post and some quick looking on line I think I stick with America's Best.

Thanks for all the feedback.
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I tried Zenni online and had good results. Of course you don't get to try the frames on prior to buying, and you don't have the convenience of having the frames adjusted when you pick up. If it makes any difference I'm pretty sure the glasses are produced offshore, probably Asia.

If you try them, make sure your prescription includes a "PD" number, which is a measurement of distance between your eyes. You can call your optician to get that number in case they didn't write it on your prescription form.

Good luck with it, if you try them!
Dave O
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I would try online if you have a simple prescription. I don't think I would with progressives or a difficult prescription. I wear progressives and very finicky so having someone experienced to measure is important as is fitting the glasses on my face. Small changes in the nose pads raises or lowers my glasses height which changes the part of the lens I use for a given head position so adjusting my glasses frame has another level of difficulty. At this point the people at Walmart know me and are good at making it right. When I've checked Walmart's price to online they were about the same, but my prescription is pretty expensive. I wouldn't be surprised if online has a better price on a certain type of lens/prescription and Walmart has a better price for another lens/prescription.
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I have bifocals and not the progressive type. Tried them and could not get use to them. I prefer the line separating the two lenses. I also want the anti scratch and the sun darkening. I don't think online can make them any cheaper than brick and mortar, in my case America's Best.
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I recently have to start wearing bifocals but refused to wear corrective glasses because I have been wearing contact lenses my entire life. Bausch + Lomb and Accuvue make Presbyopia contact lenses which I bought from Costco at a very good price. Each len will last about 3-4 weeks and comes in a box of 6. I did buy one box of Accuvue to try out, which are not as clear (about 10% less) as B&L.That is why Accuvue is half the price.
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My biggest problem with eye glasses is finding frames that will last for me. To comment on your question, I need to get a feel for the frames to know how "tough" they are. I think that might be an issue for me ordering online.
I'm rough on frames I guess. I wouldnt say I'm hard on them but I need some "manly" frames to hold up under the treatment they go through with me in my everyday activities. My lenses will far outlast a pair of frames. Last week, I had two pair of glass's. This week I am down to one pair & I am afraid that pair wont last much longer. Most tend to break one "leg" off. Usually at the hinge.
I dont think anyone makes good, strong, sturdy frames anymore.... especially for what you have to pay for them.
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I also worry about the the frames. Not so much about breakage but the fit. Perhaps that is the most impelling reason why I won't go Online for a pair.
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As it turns out they are not getting worse and the doctor see's no reason to do anything about them at this time.
Thatís good news Norm. I also have cataracts. I got them in my mid 60ís. What I found out not long ago is that apparently itís common for them to develop in your 60ís, but then it is also very common for them to progress very slowly Ėor not at all Ė after that. (Iím in my late 70ís and they havenít gotten much worse (if any) at all.

But has anybody tried the online?
I just went through the same thought process myself since it was time for an exam and new glasses. I wished I saved some of the info Ė but I didnít Ė But I found what seemed to be reputable and impartial medical sources that said there was a pretty high rate of errors with the prescriptions when going online. Donít know if thatís true.

Maybe itís like what Pilot Dane alluded to in post #7, progressives may be more of the problem when buying online (I wear progressives myself) .

But anyway, so I just bit the bullet and just went back to the old walk-in store last week for an exam and new glasses. I also agree with everyone that you feel better off with the fitting when you actually interface with a person.

(seems like Costco and Walmart have very good reputations as others have mentioned- and Zenni has a good rep for online from what I gathered. But I think you have to be a member to buy from Costco, not sure)
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