Stair Lift Repair Help

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Stair Lift Repair Help

Hi, I hope this is the right section. I have a chair lift (Bruno CRE-2110) that is stuck and need help figuring out the issue. Tthe chair goes up the stairs fine. Coming down however it just stops suddenly and then starts beeping. This has been going on for a while. Sometimes it's not bad and it would just stop midway and you just need to the press the button again to start going.

Other times it gives more problems where it stops multiple times and won't start going unless I start playing around with the seat, arm rest, and foot rest. This usually involves rotating the seat and moving the arm/foot rest up and down.

Now it is basically stuck at the top. If I press the button the chair moves the tiniest amount before it stops and the beeping starts. I'm not sure if it's a part that is deteriorating and that's why it doesn't move at all now, whereas before I could slowly move it downstairs.

Appreciate any help. Thank you.
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First, a disclaimer: I clicked on your post because I'm considering a stair lift for a relative, and have no other direct experience.

When I googled that model number there were several "nearby" hits that gave some clues. First clue is the beeps are diagnostics: count long and short, and then look up the beep codes for your specific model. You're listening for a series of beeps, then a pause, then a repeat of the first series of beeps.

Another clue is the chair will beep and not move unless the seat is in the "forward" position. If the seat is already forward and it doesn't move there *may* be a bad sensor.

Good luck with it, let us know how it goes!
Dave O
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Welcome to the forums.

This thread location is ok.

I service the occasional stair lifts.
I have two in my parents house. They are Bruno SRE-3000 Elan models.
I like the reliability of the Bruno units. Easy to clean... somewhat easy to service.
They were installed for my mother and she has since passed.
It's a split level home. A four step unit for the second floor and a nine step unit for the main level to garage level. I removed the small unit and kept the larger one in service for my father in the future.

I also installed a hydraulic platform at the back door for wheel chair access.

These units are expensive. Bruno has a program where they will refund (trade-in) some dollars and remove the stair lift if it's no longer needed. The return monies are only a small part of the original bill.

Acorn is another big player in stair lifts. They are not my "go to" choice as they use an exposed
gear drive system that requires constant cleaning.

These units are hard on batteries. They have a multistage charger but recharge aggressively.
If your unit is near four years old or older.... I'd change the batteries. Typically takes two 12v 7ah sealed lead acid batteries. Don't need to be Bruno products but use good batteries. I don't think your batteries are the problem as the will usually cause slow upward motion but ok in downward travel.

The Bruno lifts have many safety switches.
Each arm has one. Arms must be down.
Seat has two. One for seat down and one for seat locked straight (forward) position.
There are two side mounted safety switches too.
Footrest does not.

Do you have the remote call controls ? Should come with two.... upper and lower.
The remote control should be able to move lift regardless of seat conditions.
In looking at your manual there are some major differences.
Downloadable Bruno manual

What year is this unit ?
Straight install or curved ?
Supply full model number with product name.

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Thank you CycleZen and PJmax

I used to get beeps before when the chair would actually come down partially before stopping. From what I remember the sequence of beeps was short beep (4 times) and then long beep.

Now the chair stops almost immediately after it starts. I looked for the codes, and the ones I get, after the chair starts and then stops, are C1 (or C2), L2, L7, and L8.

The unit is about 10 years old but the battery was replaced about 4 years ago. The chair has barely had any use in the last 7-8 years.

The stairs are straight and then curved at the bottom.

The model I see is Bruno CRE-2110. Is there any other model number?

Thanks again.

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