What the heck is this thermostat like thing?


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What the heck is this thermostat like thing?

I have a piece of heat pump electronic equipment I'd like to remove for looks and simplicity, but the strange thing is, I can't figure out what it is.

It is about the same size as a thermostat, and it is mounted on the wall near my thermostat that controls a split system carrier heat pump. The cover on this thing labels it as: "ENERUPT An Energy Management System by SUNLAND". There is a 4 position knob: off, low, med, high. There is a single red led too.

I've operated the heat pump w/ this device set in all 4 positions, and as far as I can tell, the knob position does not have any effect on the operation of the heat pump. I can't say this for sure, but I don't believe the red led ever came on either.

When I opened the unit up, I found 5 wires mounted: 1 blue, 2 red and 2 yellow. On the circuit board was a 6 pin "wire mounting thing" (not sure what to call it) that is wired as follows: blue into position 1, both red wires into position 2, positions 3 and 4 are open, and 1 yellow wire into position 5, and the other yellow wire into position 6.

I disconnected all 5 wires from the box, upped my thermostat to kick on the heat pump, and sure enough w/ it disconnected, the heat pump didn't start, so I know this thing is "downstream" of my thermostat somehow.

I used a multimeter to test the 2 red wires of the unit with the thermostat energized to heat, and I got 24V. After this I wire nutted the 2 red wires together, left the blue and 2 yellow disconnected, and tried again. Air was coming out of the registers, but only at about 25% volume compared to when it was hooked up as before. I thought this was strange, decided to play it safe and get an HVAC person in there.

He looked at it this morning and didn't have a clue what it was. He was wary of trying different things so as not to bust the transformer.

I'm thinking now that the yellow is a wire to the condenser, and the air handler was only running low since the condenser was not energized to run. Or is this idea completely nutso? So my next step would be to check what color is the standard power for the condenser (but I know this may not be what it actually is) wire nut the red together, then the yellow (if this is for condenser) together, then see what happens.

But I'm really hoping that someone can tell me what the heck this thing is and tell me how to get rid of it. A google search on Enerupt came up w/ one hit, some freaky russian page!
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Heres my guess. The red wires are 24 volt power. Wire nut them together. The yellow is the common designation for compressor contactor. Wire nut them together also. The blue may be 24 volt common. Just tape that one off. If it was mine, I would pull the thermostat off the wall and reconnect the wires where they probably were before the addition of the magical gadget. That would be by color code.
I hope you didn't get charged a service call by someone who lacked enough understanding of low voltage wiring to remove a simple add-on like that.

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Here is the only reference I could find to that company.

You could contact them to find out what you have.

I kinda hate cutting out something without knowing what it is.
Maybe you would want it if it's purpose became known.

Let us know if you find any more info.
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I am with Greg on this. Give the Number a call that Greg link you to.

I never heard of such thing and did a search too came w/ the sae results you had.

Only thing I can think of what it's for is to control the fan speed in the air handler??
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Id look around and see if you have a power saver damper in the unit. Or there was one and they took it out and left the control there for it. Just a guess but have used power savers dampers on lots of jobs.ED
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Outstanding, thanks for the link to that company, I'm defenitely going to give them a call and see if they know anything about this gadget.

Looks like I have a genuine mystery here, I'll make sure to post back what I find, thanks for all your replies.

He charged me $69 for the call. I thought it was ridiculous too!
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energy management

some of the energy management devices on the market are to control the AC and heat with a computer or phonecall using the touch tones to turn it on comming home ect...Does it look like it has a phone jack? Or a place for a computer cable?
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May Be

If you have electric resistance heaters in your system I think it may be to control the set point where heat pump calls for help from resistance heaters!! The RED Led comes on when the resistance heating is energized!

I have seen this type of control, but in another brand Jerry
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Honeywell has that Networked zoning with remote communication module turn it on off up or down by phone. ED
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I have the exact same thing in my house, and when I unhooked it, I turned on my A/c, but instead of cold air, my heater started pumping hot air. I too cannot find anything about it. Please help, my pregnant wife is ready to divorce me because it is summer time in south louisiana and we have no A/c. It was my own fault for taking it out, but i thought it would be a snap to rewire my thermostat without it. I wish I had never fooled with it in the first place. Latebloomer - any updates as to what you found out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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