Tripped Breaker


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Tripped Breaker

I have a Lennox unit and the breaker keeps getting tripped causing the outside unit not to come on and we're not getting any heat. No heat with EM either. Utility bill normally runs $180-210, last month $487! What is going on and is there something I can do to keep the breaker from breaking? Before, if cold air blew, I would turn up the heat on the thermostat and hot air would come out. Not this time and I would have to do that on EM Heat.

Does EM cost more to run? Why is there no heat? Why does the breaker keep tripping?

Any suggestions for a quick fix before calling a professional?
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Also, the circuit breaker won't turn back on even when the unit is in the off position.
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I would say call a tech right now. You have to ring the unit out here to find out just what is what. Breaker wont turn on with unit off. Dead short could be but where ,with stuck relay. high electric bill strip heater stuck on ???? Get some one to look at it you have a lot of IFS here. Yes it cost more to run EM than the heat pump only .ED
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If the unit won't keep up with the set point, don't bother turning it up...this is like having a light bulb thats dead and thinking it will light up if I push harder on the light switch! It's not an accelerator.
It runs full blast always, or not at all.
You've probly been not getting any heat from that heat pump for ages.....Call a tech.
I think you have more that one issue here.
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sounds like the breaker to the inside unit? if breaker will not reset, possibly a bad breaker
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Could be like HVAC said a bad breaker. But lets throw this out. You say no outside unit and no emergency heat? You should have 2 separate breakers 1 for the inside unit that houses the blower and the electric heat package and another breaker for the outside unit. Which breaker is tripping? When you say it's in the off position are you talking about the t-stat?
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I'd be doing some current measuring if I were you. As I see it there are two bad things happening. Number one bad thing is the circuit breaker tripping. Second bad thing is the electric bill that doubled. That says that there is a big bunch of power being used and probably the circuit breaker is actually being overloaded. There probably is something going on that will require professional help if you don't have a voltmeter and/or amp clamp to do some checking for yourself.
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I had the same problem with my heat pump last year, breaker tripping on and off and it was bad news. Compressor failure was the cause. Expensive job
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It can be all kind of things in a unit that can make it pop breakers. We cant see the job so it hard to say what is what . If a person cant read and work a meter to Amp and Ohm it out so as its call "ring out the unit" .Its time to call a hvac tech in for sure ED

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