Help! Samsung Ductless Mini-split Heat Pump Problems

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Help! Samsung Ductless Mini-split Heat Pump Problems

Hi! Does anyone have any experience with Ductless Minisplit Heat Pumps? The model I own is a Samsung AQ24A1QC. I have had numerous problems culiminating in the latest issue outlined below. My installing contractor seems to have no clue. I need someone to recommend some contacts to help get me on the right track. If anyone has any personal experience with the same symptoms, that would be even better ...

About 5 months ago, the system started having an issue such that when it is turned on, it eventually drops into "Timer mode" (at least the yellow light on the indoor light indicates this) and will not come out of it for hours or days. We can sometimes successfully get it to run for an hour, but usually it will not run more than a few minutes before mysteriously dropping into this mode. Once in the mode, no matter how many times we power cycle, it will immediately drop into the "Timer mode" and sit idle. My contractor came out and took a look. They decided it must be the control board on the indoor unit. So, they ordered a new one and it did not fix the problem. Actually, they introduced a separate problem in that in the rare instances it stays in nonTimer mode long enough to hit the target temperature, the fan never turns off -- but this is a whole separate issue. Anyway, now the contractor is saying the "Timer mode" issue is probably the remote control. This seems to be a real long shot to me, but they have effectively bought more time while I wait for a new one to come from South Korea (also, an aside, I had remote control issues last year where the remote was intermittent ; they got me a new one then. so, i have two remotes now. i just tried the old intermittent remote and guess what?? when it actually sends a signal, the system still has the "Timer mode" problem).

So, is there anybody out there that can help me? I have never felt so hopeless on an appliance issue. I am sure the product is probably an okay line, but the folks I have to service and support it admit that they do not want to work on "computer board products." So, I need someone who can!

Thanks in advance,
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Samsung makes a great mini-split. I think I'd call around and find someone with experience to check it out. Still sounds like a circuit board problem or programming in the remote.
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Id for sure make the guy that sold it to me fix it. Also call the main company that made it and give them He**. They could send you a whole new unit. It has been done.

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call the mfr, DEMAND a new unit.... you will get one

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