Trane Heat Pump W/HoneyWell Thermostat Wiring question/problem


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Trane Heat Pump W/HoneyWell Thermostat Wiring question/problem

This is the first home that I have owned with a Trane Heat Pump. It was working fine until I tried to change my Honeywell thermostat model CT70 to a New Honeywell Digit al Touch Screen Thermostat Model RTH8500d. When I took the old CT70 off the wall I noted the wire colors and hook ups,
Jumper y1 to w1

The new thermostat did not have the same hook ups so I called Honeywell and I gave them the wire colors and they said to use
W2=AUX with a Jumper from W2 to E
Jumper From RC to R.

The problem I am having now is my outside compressor is not turning on, only the Fan and EM Heat work, which brings in a new question later.

I opened the Fan/Blower in the basement to look at the wires that connects the outside compressor to the Blower and the blower to the Thermostat. The wires that come from the outside compresser are as follows,
Note: there are hook ups for W1, W2, Y, R, O, B, G, T.
W1= (not attached)
G= (not attached)
*Black, Green, White, & Pink are not hooked to anything.

The wire hook ups from the Blower to the Thermostat are as follows,
B= (Not Attached)
*Black is not hooked to anything

Any Help on what wires I hooked up wrong would be a great help!

On to the second question.
On my old Thermostat (Honeywell CT70) when the outside compressor was running normal there were no lights on on the thermostat. When it needed to kick out some extra heat the yellow AUX light would turn on. I also had the option to manually turn on the "EM.Heat" and then the red light would turn on. I always keep the fan set at "Auto".

The model of the Trane is BWV730A100d2, 1/3hp, 2.1 Amp, 200-230 Volt.
I can't find anywhere on the internet a wire color guide or standards wire colors.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.
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I cant say what color is what there for you. Lets try this .
On a CT70A.
The X is a common

W2 aux heat relay

R is power

G is fan

O is change over to cool relay and you need the jumper Y1 toW1--- Y1 is the compressor???? where is that wire???

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I think their is a Honeywell thermostats user guide in their website... you may try to view it...

Programmable Thermostats
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Did you turn power off to the system before you changed the stat ?
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I agree with Ed. In your post you say that the old thermostat had Y jumpered to W1. This would have turned on the compressor during heat call. Where is that yellow wire at the new thermostat? Put it on Y if you find it.
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Oh BTW, the wire colors are a VERY loose standard. Different mfg have different standards and codes. So wires MAY be where you think they are or not. It is always best to trace them out as you did here.

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