Heat pump not heat pumping


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Heat pump not heat pumping

I just recently moved into a trailer with a Consolidated Technology "The Insider" 3ton 1piece heat pump. When I first used the heat pump there was a noise (buzzing) coming from the unit. Not being afraid of screwdrivers I was able to trace the problem to a conntactor relay (marked heater#2 on the wiring diagram). Replacing it was gravy, but the heat pump won't heat the trailer to the tstat setting. Also I cleaned the coils as they were filthy and who knows when they were last cleaned. The unit did Okay, but it can't seem to get past about 60 (about 40 degrees above outside temp.) Is "heater#2" still not functioning? Should I look for a problem somewhere else? Is there any easy tests to eliminate/isolate problem.
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What does the outside unit coil looks like when it trying to heat?


If no frost, then the system maybe low on charge.

The larger copper line should be pretty warm to your hands.

Smaller copper line will be cool.

Do you have emgy heat switch on the t-stat? If so, turn that on to see if the heat strips come on.. If not, check to make sure you are getting full power to the heat strips...

Did you hook up the new relay right?
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You sure you have the coil clean and you get good through it? How hot is the big copper line going to the coil?
Im thinking its tme to have a tech check out the freon in the unit for sure. You have been it it so if its all wired right .When the heat pump cant keep up the strip heaters should cut in. Now you can push the tstat up all the way are go to E or AUX heat on the tstat and see if all the strips come on chack out the strips to see if they are all on.

post back here in the same post what you find .


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