Fan doesn't come on, only loud humming/buzzing noise


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Fan doesn't come on, only loud humming/buzzing noise

Some quick history:

Two summers ago the first heating element on my forced air unit stayed on all the time, even while the air conditioner was on so some guy (not an electrician) turned off the first heating element and said everything would be fine.

After that, the heat was kind of messed up; Sometimes the element would create heat but the fan wouldn't automatically turn on, or sometimes the fan would stay on but there would be no heat.

But starting this morning it's worse. My fan won't turn on at all. If I turn the fan on auto I hear a very loud buzzing/humming noise but no air comes out. I'm not sure if the heating element is turning on or not because I'm too afraid to leave it on long enough to find out.

I'm female, have no guy in my life to help me out and I will definitely have to call an electrician but I would like to know what is probably wrong so I don't get duped by him.

Also, about how much do you think this will cost me?

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Does sound like you need a pro. Don't call an electrician though. Call an HVAC company, use whoever your friends or neighbors reccomend.
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It sounds like the blower wheel is stuck. Probably dirty. May need a new capacitor, but shouldn't (no promises here. We can't actually see the system...) need anything expensive. I'm more concerned with the previous problem. Whatever "some guy" did, needs to be undone and the problem fixed correctly. Let us know what the diagnosis is while the HVAC guy is there and one of us can probably help make sure you're not being "duped".

Doug M.
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Thank you Mattison and Doug. I really hope it doesn't cost very much; December and my sick cat have wiped me out. For now I am using the baseboard that is still in the living room (I'm glad I didn't take that out like I wanted to) and a little ceramic heater.

I may not be able to call the HVAC people for a couple of weeks but I will try to post when he gets here. Maybe I should go back to school be become an HVAC person. Sounds kind of interesting and I wouldn't be stuck in this situation again.

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