Emergency Heat Not working


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Emergency Heat Not working

I have two Ruud heat pumps, installed in 1986 and still going. I checked out my emergency heat this past week to see if it was ok, I switched it over to Emergency Heat, the light came on but the blower did not come on, I don't know if the strips actually came on since the blower didn't activate.

Do you think my problem is in the thermostat or in the circuit in the Heat pump itself.

My normal heat pump operation works fine including kicking on heat strips whenever the heat pump needs them to maintain my thermostat setting.

I'd appreciate some advice or direction on this.
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How long did you wait? On some systems, in Em. Heat mode, the fan is activated by a temperature sensor in the furnace. It won't come on until it senses the heat generated by the strip heaters. Usually not more than a minute, but not instant.

Doug M.
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You might take and check out the wire schematic and see if they have it right. If you turn the fan to fan on does it work ok that way?? Does the blower come on ?

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This is not a new unit, it has been installed since 86. I did notice something yesterday. I changed the jumper settings on my defrost board to 50 minutes from 90 minutes. To do this I had to turn the power off to both the outside and inside units. When I turned the power back on I noticed that the fan was running but not the outside unit, so I turned the heat off at the thermostat and the fan then stopped. So I turned the heat back on with the thermostat set a low temp so it wouldn't come on. I then heard a surge type sound from my blower under the house, I then smelled electrical burning smell. I quickly turned the power back off, then turned it back on, after a few minutes I moved the thermostat up so the heat would come on and the blower came on and ran fine. I had taken the cover off the thermostat when trying to get the blower to stop the first time and I actually wiggled the cover of the thermostat around. I think that there may be a problem in the thermostat causing a problem with the Emergency heat and the blower.

Also I haven't inspected under the house for the wiring going into the indoor unit. I had a termite inspector crawling around under my house a few days ago I wondering if he might of got into the wiring and I might have a loose connection.
Lot of stuff going on here.
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Well it sounds like you did have a problem with your fan relay. That is what the burning smell that you smelt.
You should have it looked at.
It doesn't sound too safe.

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