I can't get my heat above 66 with my heat pump.


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I can't get my heat above 66 with my heat pump.

Well, it's been bitterly cold in the northeast and it doesn't seem like my heat pump is working properly. I have a brand new house and a brand new Trane heat pump. Both are less than nine months old. During the summer months the AC worked like a gem; however, now that we are seeing continuance teen degree days and nights, my heat pump refuses to warm up the house at all. I know that heat pumps don't blow hot air, they blow air that you specify via the thermostat. The problem is that even when I kick the thermostat up to 75+ degrees, the readings I get on the gauge are anywhere from 63-66 degrees. I made sure all my vents were open, I checked the big copper pipe outside of the house for heat (it was nice and toasty), I replaced my filter, and I cleared all the snow and debris away from the heat pump itself. It seems as if I've followed all of the advice given to other users. I'm a little tired of walking around my house in sweats and two blankets. Can anyone offer a little help? I'd hate to have to call a service repair man. I don't think I'm covered under labor warranty as per the unit itself, but I believe I have a one year warranty on the house itself, and the contractor (cheap b-st-rd) might do the labor (not sure I want him too).

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At those low temps outdoors your auxillary heat should be kicking in. Does it heat good if you place the t-stat in emergency?

Only 9 months old you should be under warranty by the installer. Call them direct, if you touch anything more than you have they can void the warranty.
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Thanks, Mattison. I'll try placing the emergency heat tonight and see if that works. If not I'll try contacting my installer.
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Im with Matt for sure You should have 1 year warranty there on labor and parts. When you pushed the tstat up to 75 the strip heater should have come on.

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Heat strips in heat pump

Joshua, I just had a similar problem with my heat pump. The heat pump will only compress and heat the air so much, the colder the air the less warm the heat air from the heat pump. Heat strips in the air exchanger are supposeds to kick ion to give the air a needed boosts of heat. My air wasn;t ver warm even with the heat strips on. After a service call it was determined that onee set of heat strips were burned out. If you switch to emergency heat, teh heat pump turns off and only the fan and heat strips should be on, this way yu can determine if the heat strips are working and putting out hot air. Hope this helps.

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