Do it yourself heat pump install?


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Do it yourself heat pump install?

I am considering replacing and existing nat gas furnace with a heat pump I would buy off the internet. They would drop ship to my home it's a Rudd 2.5 ton 13 Seer 8.9 HSP variable speed with a 10k heat strip (60 amp) about $2700 with install kit. I did the heat calc myself with their program using my house plans. I live in Seattle area where the winter and summers are mild because of the Puget sound. I am a DIY'er and can do most things sweat plumbing pipes, electrial, carpentry etc.They told me a certfied tech will need to do the start up, check for leaks etc. I would also more then likely have an electrian do the line drops to the outside unit and heat strip since my existing furnace is only 110 15 amp air handler currently. Do you guys think this a OK DIY'er project? I am the kind of guy that reads all the manuals first.
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i see no problem just rember you need to use sliver to sweat with and depending on how long your lines you run you might have to go up or down in copper size but the book should tell you that . but you will need tech to start up unit you might need freon or you might need some removed but anyway good luck

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Very seldom does a DIY install such as this go good and no matter what the seller on the internet tells you the manufacture will not honor the equipment.
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do you have all the tools like a vacuum pump ,gauges? i know most condensers hold enough freon for 15' of line set. you gotta be careful not to melt your shrader valves when brazing in your line set. u can remove them.
You also have to oput in your heat strips and wire them correctly , u can do it be careful , i would find a tech on the side like my self and he will do it for way less and you'll know its done right. trust me ask around there every where, always looking for side jobs
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Might call a few local "certified techs" and see if you can find one that would do the start up after your install and find out how much they would charge.

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DIY heat pump

I live in the Seattle area and have 21 years hvac experence. My advice would be to hire it out. Or better yet keep your gas furnas and add A/c cooling if thats what you are after. I have a heat pump on my house and use the wood stove when the out door temp drops. Hope this helps.

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