Rotten egg smell from heater.


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Rotten egg smell from heater.

I have noticed that sometimes when I run my heater, a horrible rotten egg smell will be present. First I thought it was something in my vents/ducting but it will go away and I won't smell it sometimes for 2-3 weeks. There doesn't seem to be anything in the vents. It has nothing to do with the water tank nor my water (I know about the sulfer problems that can come from there). I have an all electric heating system with vents in the floor. Any help would be great, its 20 degrees outside and smells putride inside.
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please describe the design of the home, do you have a crawl space?
if you do where is the furnace located?
what part of the country do you live in?
do you have a gas water heater located close to the air return of the furnace?
just a couple of q's to try and narrow this problem down.

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I have a conventional home, no crawl space. I live in Oklahoma, and have a electric water heater although it is located in the same closet as the heater inside the house. The return air vent is in a hall (ceiling) about 10 feet from the closet w/ the heater. The house is 29 years old and the entire HVAC system was replaced in 2001. Thats about all I can think of. Any help is great.
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Did you get your problem fixed? We are having the same problem. A horrible sulphur smell
We live in OKC. We had the vents cleaned and sanitized. Did not help.
We have a heat pump. vents are in the floor. Total electric.

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I switched from a gas water heater to an electric hot water tank last fall. It tooks 3 months using the electric tank to start producing the putrid smell that you are discribing. I check into everthing. Finally on the advice of one of the local plumbing shops, I cut out the anode rod. It has now been two months and the smell has not returned. It took two people, one to help hold the tank in place, the other with a long bar to turn the rod. It will shorten the tank life, but, I rather not have the smell fill my house and I can enjoy showering again.

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Problem solved!

Problem solved.
After getting several estimates ranging from $500.00 to $7000.00.
the problem was fixes for a total cost of $0.00.
The problem was the trap on the drain side of the coil had ran dried up. The drain is
tied into our sewer line. When the blower was running it would siphon gas from the sewer
up through the drain pipe. This was causing the odor. The fix? We just poured about a quart
of water into the drain pan for the coils. I plan to pick up some mineral water and poor down
the drain. Mineral water does not evaporate. This should keep the trap from going dry.

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