Is Trane Worth The Price?please Help


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Smile Is Trane Worth The Price?please Help

Hi all, I just bought this place in December of last year. It is I guess it would be a 3 story (basement,1st and 2nd floor) 2600 sq ft home in washington state.As like most of the U.S. it has been pretty warm up here,and 3 of the 4 bedrooms are upstairs including the master. It came with a lennox air handler model#CB 19-41-2P and a lennox heat pump model#HP 19-411-6P.This is my first home with A/C so I dont know a whole lot about it or the lennox system in it if I'm not mistaken I thought I was told it's a 3 or 3.5 ton system I don't remember which one of you would probably know by the model number.I had 2 different contractors have a look one a lennox and the other a trane contractor.Both were similar in price for comprable equipment,I cant find the lennox one right off hand here but after the system in the house was only 12-13 years old and started having problems I've been leaning tword the trane equipment.I have a couple of friends that have trane systems in there homes and they swear by them.The price I was quoted from the trane contractor was $9,466.12 installed with tax and that is for a 4 ton trane heat pump xl 16i(4twx6048a) and a 4 ton variable speed air handler (4tee3f49a).The system in here is r-22 so I will be switching to the r410a (the price diffrence between the two refrigerants wasn't much at all) and a vision pro 8000 series thermostat or a trane 800 series I cant remember off the top of my head.Ive looked at some of the other posts on here for input on the quotes they got but none of them are from around the pacific northwest.Does that seem like a good price for trane?If anyone has some input I'm all ears. Thanks for your time.
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Not there cant see it .Cost are a lot different all over . but that sounds ok to me.

Now Drop down there to a XL15i condenser unit
4 ton Stay with the V/S blower you will like it. Also go with the R22 the cost of the R410a is to high. The R22 will be made till 2030. So it will be around a longtime. Stay with it.
From the ### you gave Id say you have a 3.5 ton AC
With both inside and out you should have a 10 warranty on the Trane units.
That XL15i will have a SEER of 15.10 and going over the 15 seer you should be able to put in for a tax credit from the IRS for $300.

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First of all, Trane's XL16i high eff 2 stg heat pump is a great system. I would prefer this over the XL15i HP which is a single stg heat pump. You should make certain with your dealer that your ductwork is sized OK for a 4 ton unit. I do not like using one system for both basement, main floor, and second floor. I suspect you have airflow issues along with hot/cold spots. These problems should be addressed by dealer and I would recommend zoning the basement/main floor and the second floor. Your dealer though must be experienced in zoning.

As far as prices go, this is difficult to tell because prices vary between markets. I personally believe price is somewhat higher than I would have expected but I don't know what quote includes. I do suggest that you purchase a whole house air filter cabinet like the Perfect Fit Media cabinet.

You may want to get a competitive quote on Carrier's Infinity Heat pump along with their zoning controls. I like Trane heat pumps better but I have to admit that Carrier Infinity systems have the most sophisticated system controls in the marketplace.

My opinion.
Good LucK!
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Talking Thanks

Thank you ed and tiger both for your input on this.I only wish I would've found this forum earlier than the day before I was going to do this.I wasn't going to have another hot night of trying to sleep in front of a fan blowing hot air on me all night. I did go over the duct size with them and they said it was well capable of handling a 4 ton unit.I never really had a problem with hot and cold spots(zoning) or aiflow issues the old unit,it just couldn't keep up before it died when it got really hot.I did get the xl16i and the v/s blower. It really wasn't that hot here yesterday but it sure was a comfortable night in this place lastnight. I just hope this unit now lasts for many many years to come. I really didn't make it clear in my first post the unit is for the main and 2nd floor, the basement is not heated or cooled, it's not living space.(Atleast not yet anyway)

Thanks again guys for your input,Have a great day!!
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Trane Good

My Trane lasted 16 years before I have to shoot it

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