What the !@#$%?

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Angry What the !@#$%?

Get this one....okay I'm not into this trade so maybe that's part of the gizmo....

I am converting my garage into liveable space. I removed the garage door and put a wall with a window and door in it.

I cut a hole in the supply pipe to the house from the air handler which is after the piping of where the central air supply pipe comes into it (of course both these are after the air handler which is behind these).

Now here's where it gets weird.

When the door is closed to the garage and the hole in the air piping is pretty much plugged I can't get the heat to go past 74 or 76 in the house (when set to 90).

When the door to the garage is open and the hole in the piping is unrestricted to the garage the heat rises to the 80's within the house (when set to 90)....what gives?

Do I have to somehow run an additional non-connected pipe through the garage wall to the house and why?

It seems to me it should be cranking heat in the house when I plug up the air pipe hole to the garage but ....sheeesh...this all doesn't make any sense....If i keep the door open to the garage it gets hotter? LOL....what is that all about??
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Not sure here . But Ill bet Its cause you dont have a cold air return to that unit out in the garage. You see when you open that door to the home air can blow out in the garage cause it can go back in the home and back to the furnace. You dont say where the filter is . But if you have a filter grill in the home . Make sure the return air from the garage goes through a filter also. Dont know if you will keep that door there or not. If so you can grill the door this will help .Or cut 3" off the bottom of that door.
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Just speculating here. Perhaps the garage is developing a positive air pressure and with the door closed, the supply air is being forced outside or into some other place (such as the attic). You could test this theory buy closing the supply vent in the garage AND closing the door to the garage. If your house heats up normally, then your problem is lack or return air for the garage. In this case follow Ed's advice. Another possibility is too much supply air to the garage. In which case you may be able to reduce it by adjusting the supply register.

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