Help! Multi-stage pump wiring question

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Help! Multi-stage pump wiring question

My friend tried to change out my old thermostat and realized the new one I bought is a single-stage system so I don't think it will work? So I tried putting my old thermostat back and now it's not working and I'm freezing! Please tell me if my wiring seems correct.
C-blue wire
G-green wire
Y-yellow wire
R-red wire
E-black wire
W2-no wires
F-grey wire
O-orange wire
W1-white wire
I'm unsure of the C and E wires because I originally marked that C should be the black wire and E should be the blue. But after reading online, it seems that C is usually blue? Either way, I've tried both and nothing is working still. I don't know ANYTHING about electrical stuff so this might be a dumb question but is it possible that my friend 'fried' the wires? Originally he did not turn off the breaker box and the wires sparked quite a few times. Please help! THANKS
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I don't think an electrician is going to be able to help you, try an HVAC guy or find some documentation or your old T-stat.
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While blue is more common I have seen black for common all the time. It should not hurt anything to try it both ways. If it is wrong, it will just not work. As kevin was so apt to point out, this is actually HVAC.

What you have listed is a single stage unit, but it must be a paticluar brand thing that you have an F wire.

If it now does not work at all look for a 5 amp car style fuse in either the fan section or the condensor section.

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