Heat pump w/Aux system

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Unhappy Heat pump w/Aux system

I have a 5 year old system. The original thermostat started acting up so I replaced it. It would act really flaky, like I would have it set to 73 for example, and then once and a while it would never kick on and the house could get up to like 80+ and nothing. The only way I could fix it was by pushing up and down on the temperature selector lever and setting it back where it was and it would kick on and return to normal.

My only other problem was that when the heat pump would kick on, once and a while it would start squealing really loud. It was working so I ignored it.

So anyways (ignoring the squeel for now), to fix the thermostat I went to Home Depot and got a temp-rite heat pump 8050C thermostat. It did everything I wanted, and more (I don't really care about setting programs).

The ac function is fine, no problems. The heat pump? Well........I don't know if introducing the new thermostat is the cause or not because I was using ac when I put the new thermostat in, and then switched to heat about 2 weeks later. What i'm noticing, is that randomly (it will run normal for hours) the heat pump will kick on and start running warm air, and then you'll hear the heat pump outside start getting louder and louder (the squeel it normally makes), until it hits full loudness (then quiets down after a little while), reach over and put your hand over a vent, and the blower has shut off. Thermostat reads the heat pump as being on (and not hitting the target temperature) and all you can hear from the unit inside is a hum/almost scratchy noise that you have to be next to it to hear.

As far as I know if you leave it alone, it will never stop because the thermostat never reaches the target temp. I've tried leaving it and the blower never kicks back in, and the heat pump runs continously until I flip the heat to off and back to heat, or pop the thermostat off the wall and reattach it.

Ironically, while I'm typing this its doing something new. It did the normal blower shutoff thing, squeel from outside (could be normal sound and its just loud I don't know), then the blower kicked back on which I normally never hear (warm air) then back off again and the heat pump has been on the entire time.

Should I be looking at the thermostat? Assuming the unit has a problem.........or what? Very lost.........oh yeah and to throw something else into the mess, I'm renting (explained to the landlord I was replacing the thermostat and why and they were fine) but I want to make sure that isn't causing a problem before I tell them they need to have someone look at the unit.
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, I'm renting .
First dont you work on it. He will say you did it.
Id start with the .
squeel from outside (could be normal sound and its just loud

then work for there

Call a tech here better yet call the landlord

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