Heat Pump Power consumption and general Q.


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Heat Pump Power consumption and general Q.

I searched around a bit and didn't find an answer so I thought I'd post this here.

I have two heat pumps (a Trane XE-800 and and a Payne something or other). They both appear to date back to when the house was built in 1990-91. I know that they are well past their average life span and need to be replaced but money is an issue (when isn't it?). The last couple months I have noticed that my power bill is up. Last month my power consumption was up by 88% over the same month last year. I called the power company and was told that 25 of the 28 days of the billing cycle had temps down to 30F.

That notwithstanding I don't see that it could cause such a huge spike in consumption. COuld the efficiency of the heat pumps be so degraded by age that they could be the culprit here? If so would the onset be so rapid? I mean things are pretty much the same month to month and all of a sudden the consumption is through the roof.

I ask because if the heat pumps are not the cause (or a logical cause) then I have a little more time to try and get them replaced. If they are, though, $700 a month for electricity is going to offset any money I save by careful shopping for new heat pumps in a hurry.
Thanks in advance for any help,
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I noticed that your other post mentioned an estimate for a new system. Did you have a HVAC tech look at the existing Heat Pump. There may be something that can be done to fix the existing problem. This may allow for a time when you will be in a better position to purchase a new system.
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$700 do you know Al Gore! Sorry!! I had to go their! I don't like to promote brands but train is giving up to $1200 back on a new system starting next week - may. Don't know if this is nation wide or just in my area. Mite be worth checking into.
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That old for sure go for a new set up. When you have a jump in the electric bill like that . Have to ask is the filter clean every 30 days??? the AC coil clean??? blower clean. the freon charge ok?? 30oF outdoor for a heat pump is good should have a COP way over 3.5 for the units . to use a amprobe to check the units now and then will tell you a lot
You also might check and see if any elements are stuck on. WE had about 4 this year that did that.

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