Replace only Outside Heat Pump Unit?

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Replace only Outside Heat Pump Unit?

I have split heat pumps with an two outside units and an air exchanger in the basement and attics. The units appear to be original to the house (built in 1990-91) and I know these guys are way past their expiration date but I don't have the $$ for the $4K or so I was qouted to replace everything.

My question is, can I replace the outside units now and then get the internal units changed at a later date. From looking at (if i remember right) getting only outside unit will knock a a fair amount off the cost.

This is probably just wishful thinking on my part but it seems like the outside units have had more in the way of wear and tear and maybe the inside units can last a bit longer.

Thanks in advance for any help,
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It is always best to replace the entire system. The newer heat pumps have improved vastly over the the last couple of years in relation to SEER and HSPF ratings.
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That looks like about 17 years run on them. Id say time for new units. Both inside and out. If you will be in this home for the next 10 years go for the good stuff. You will save in the long run. Like said the new units have a higher seer and hspf also we have the V/S blowers . They do a much better job heat and cool. Now if you go with over a seer of 15 you can get a TAX credit for it . Also you can get a 10 years warranty on the whole job. Get 3 bids for it and stay with R 22 freon . It will be made till 2030.
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Better do both inside and out!

Andy, the minimum SEER units made now are 13 seer (Seasonal Energy Efficientcy Rating). Being made in 90 or 91 you may have 8 or 10 seer units.

If the indoor and out door units are mismatched your throwing away money because you won't have the capacity that Joe serviceman is selling you.

And you'll probably be overworking the outdoor unit matched to the wrong indoor unit. Which means break downs and more electricity use.

My advise on a budjet is try to figure out which system has the most life left and change it second, then save up and change the other.

But like Ed said you can get a tax credit over 15 seer.

Whether your going to be in the house 10 years or not look into a home improvement loan and do it all at once. Keeping in mind the tax credit and don't forget the automatic drop in your electric bill due to more efficient equipment.

And, a long warrenty and new hvac equipment will help sell a house.


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