How cool should heat pump get my condo

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How cool should heat pump get my condo

I just had a new heat pump put in and it is 92 degrees outside and the inside temp will not go below 75 and the airhandler is running constantly. Is this normal for this outside temperature?
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Because heat pumps have to condition the air temperature outdoors, IMO at 92 degrees outdoors and it's giving you 75 degrees indoors, it's doing its job. It is 99 degrees where I live today. Thermostat is at 75 degrees and unit running constantly. I live in a rental, so I do not know if it properly sized. It's stuffy and I am hot. I must live frugally, so I run a fan.

For heat pump operation & energy efficiency, check this link:

With heat pumps, the colder the air and the hotter the air that it has to condition, that's where you can encounter some discomfort because it has to work harder to condition air that are in extremes of temps. A heat pump's performance is directly tied to outdoor temps.

You may need to check the efficiency and output of your system:

IMO with your high outdoor temp, the system is doing the best it can. You can have the unit(s) checked for proper sizing and function. Keep your filters clean, too. Once I had an HVAC guy tell me, "Mam, the best you can expect is to get a temp 10-15 degrees cooler than outside." I was in Tidewater VA and baking and pregnant. I am sure our HVAC guys will be along shortly and provide more insight on this issue.
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I just had a new heat pump put in and it is 92 degrees outside and the inside temp will not go below 75 .
First you said it right there. We try to tell people that it takes like 5 or 6 days to start to pull the home down. Thats also why we tell people to not open a home if its just gets cool outside for a day or so. it will take that long again to try and get the humidity down or out of the home again. You see its more in how much the AC pulls the humidity out of a home. As to how cold can we make it in a home. The lower the humidity the colder you will feel at say 76o or 78o. Now if the AC unts are over sized. Then yes they will pull the temp down and shut off right away. But not take out the humidity for you. So what do you end up with MOLD all over. On your paper work what did they say it would do for you ???? Like said most contracts call for a different temp of 15o from out side

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