Need some advice. possible freon leak


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Need some advice. possible freon leak

I wanted to run this situation by you guys and see if you can give me some advice on how to handle our hvac contractor. We have a 4 year old lennox heat pump/electric furnace system and always make sure to have have the seasonal services done. Last fall the tech said he had to add a few ounces of freon to the system, but said it wasnt big deal and everything checked out fine. 2 weeks ago the tech came out to do our summer check up and he told my wife everything checked out great and there were no problems. When we received our bill in the mail they noted that 2lbs of freon had to be added to they system. I was upset when I saw this mainly due to the fact that the tech told my wife there were no problems and never mentioned that he needed to add freon. He also didnt leave an invoice stating freon was added. When I called the contractor all they did was apologize for not letting us know it was added, but said it was nothing to be concerned about. I then mentioned that if they had to add freon then wouldnt that indicate a leak and asked if a leak check could be done. The secretary states they will need to look over my records and then let me know if a check needs to be done. Maybe its just me but this doesnt seem right. Since its only 4 years old the main parts are still under warranty for another year and I would like this fixed while its under warranty incase maybe its leaking at the evaporator coil and it would need to be replaced. Whats the best way to handle this company since they are giving me a run around? I want to tell them I am not going to pay for the service check up until a leak check is also done, but I dont know if that would be appropriate. Please let me know what you think. Also in case someone asks the house been cooling properly so we had not symptems of a system low on freon(no freeze ups, and the air out of the regesters is always cold).
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Find another contractor.
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They should do the check for you. If they then find it somewhere that's not under warranty like in the linesets then you will have to pay.
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Did they charge you for 2lbs of refrigerant?
Many service agreements may include the 2lbs in their maintenance price.
If I read your post right they did not charge you, but your concern is if it's 2lbs low then there is a leak and you would like to have it found and fixed under warranty. You thoughts are justified!

2lbs low of freon will make your evaporator coil freeze, you obviously did not have this.
The reason why the company said it was nothing to be concerned about with your unit is because they more than likely did not add Refrigerant to your system. I think they are trying to play catch up with their refrigerant logs they have not kept up with.
For your unit, I wouldn't be concerned about. I think the tech did his job and did not find your system low. I do think there is a concern about the Lennox dealer trying to get his freon logs in order.

In conclusion, if you call them back and ask for a leak check then their answer will be, while the tech was working on your system he noticed the freon service port was leaking and corrected the issue and added the freon. He did not write down the issue or the freon because the freon is included in the maintanence and the service port adjustment was a minor fix that techs do all the time in our service agreement. The service port leak is the most common place a unit will leak freon on a new system so that is why this sort of issue is covered under our maintenance check. This is why it is good to have the service agreement. Let us worry about the minor details because we will take care of all that minor stuff under our service agreement while you have peace of mind that everytime we check out your system we leave it in tip top shape.

Now did this happen? Possibly, but wouldn't it have been nice if the tech gave you this information while he was there? This would have given you more trust and value of the agreement if the tech would have mentioned this when he was there. I think the company screwed up somewhere because trust has been lost.

Now what will the company do to gain your trust back when you call them to see what they had found in your records and that you will probably have another company service your system from now on.

Let us know.
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Thanks so much for your replies. Yes they did charge for the freon. This was another reason I was a little upset since they charged us for the freon yet the tech did not even mention it was added. You maybe on to something as far as them trying to catch up on their logs. I will let you know what happens. I am going to call them back this afternoon if the owner does not call me back.
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