Heat Pump Sizing


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Heat Pump Sizing

I'm in the process of going to a geothermal system and I've got a problem. I have 2 proposals from contractors that seem to be at odds with each other.
The first contractors heat analysis came up with a heat loss of 81400 BTU and proposed a 3 ton single stage system. The second has a heat loss of 67000 BTU and proposed a 2 stage 5 ton system.
After the analysis is done is it a simple matter of replacing the total BTU heat loss with the appropriate amount of heat pump BTUs be it from the groundwater system and/or kw heat?
If so, in the first example,with an 81400 BTU loss and a 36000 BTU heat pump am I going to die cold?

I'm at a loss so any explanation will be appreciated.

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certainly not an expert on geothermal but the 81000 BTU heat loss with a three ton air handler is suspect.

I would ask for a copy of each dealer's Man J, make a comparison, and then start asking some rather pointed questions.


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