Expansion valve clog?


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Expansion valve clog?

Have a 10 year old Bryant 410 HP. Noticed the air handler inside was leaning and discovered that the cheap a.. support was 2 sheets of 1/4 osb had failed. Had a guy come out and remove the air handler, return duct and replace the platform with 3/4 PW. While he had the air handler off, I replaced the 1" filter with a 5" filter and he sat the air handler on top of the filter housing, repaired all the duct work. About 2 weeks later, noticed the house was at 83, compressor and fan running, air handler running but no cold air. When he came back and troubleshot the problem, he said the expansion valve was clogged. (It was covered with ice). $500 to repair/replace or $1100 for new air handler. I chose new air handler, plus he installed a new filter on one of the copper lines. So this either happened by coincidence or would you think removal of the AH/coil, extending two of the copper lines put junk into the system?
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its possible it could of got clogged up when he extended the lines, but there is no way to tell, but i think it would have happened immediately after the work. 1100 is a very good price

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