multistage aux heat coils?


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multistage aux heat coils?

I have what appears to be 4 heating coils for Aux heat on 2 different levels.
Meaning 2 coils on top of each other forming a stack, and I have 4 stacks.

Is this considered multistage aux heating?
If so, how are they suppose to work?
Aux heat is 20KW, older Lennox.
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Since nobody's answered you yet, I'll mention what I think is happening. I'm a retired electronic technician not a certified tech on heat pumps so take this with a grain of salt and check further with an expert (and not necessarily the technician you get from a certified business as some are in the learning mode and not really trained on how a heat pump works) before you do anything.
I installed two systems one with four 5 kw heat coils (like you have) and one with two or three coils. if I remember right on the second unit. I lived in the basement while building a house on the farm (legal in our area) and the first winter while trying to heat while building I hooked up the Goodman air handler for heat. We were freezing with a single stage hookup and I found after much research that I was operating on just two heat coils. After connecting the white wire on my system to the brown wire (on air handler heat coils) I had all four coming on and heating. I think that with a two stage indoor thermostat you could phase in the top two coils (white wire) and then the bottom two coils (brown wire). I just left the two connected so they all four come on at the same time when I changed out the indoor thermostat to operate the heat pump and the air handler after installing heat pump. As I said before don't do this because I did just for information only. But yes, the top two are seperate from the bottom two in my case.
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Phil has said it. It may be able to stage as the stats needs. But I'll need the model # on the coil to find out if these can be staged with a staged sat or not.
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I have a question that has to do with Phils answer.
I have a goodman package unit with 3 heat strips staged. just replaced all the sequencers and one fuse, anyhow I really do not like the unit running all the time just to keep the temp here in Virginia. reminds me of a heat pump which it is not. The staged heat works as it should when there is a spead in temp and heats it up on the 2nd stage at 109F air and the 1st stage runs about 90f.
On my unit the brown wire is the 1st stage and the white is the 2nd stage. The question is is there any benefit to running one stage with all three strips and just cycle it like that? It seems that it would heat better and maybe shut off once in awhile and cycle like my oil used to do.
not trying to hijack this thread just Phils post is th closest to what I am looking for.
by the way my house built in mid 40's, very little insulation and 952sq ft 1st floor, 2nd floor no heat. Attic insulated.
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The longer run time will give better comfort than the stop and go, and also easier on the equipments. On my two stage gas, everyroom in the house is with in temp from one another, so has a better comfort than something running a short time and shutting down.
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