Heat pump system temperatures, do these sound normal?


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Question Heat pump system temperatures, do these sound normal?

Other than wiring Heat pump systems for others, I have limited experience using one in my own house. I have had a heat pump for a few years but this winter is the first time I have not had my propane logs to help keep my house warm. The temp in my house a few days ago when the outside temp was -1 was 53 with the thermostat set on 66. The thermostat was showing aux heat on. Today the outside temp is 24 F and the system is close to keeping up (setting 67 and temp 66) I did some temp checks and observed the following, I lowered the thermostat to the place where only the heat pump was on, ( no aux heat) and the temp at the floor register was 108.5 F, with the heat pump and aux on the register temp was 114-115 F, with the thermostat set to emergency heat only the register temp was 104-110. After running these tests the thermostat setting were the same so I raised the set point 1deg just to get the heat pump to kick on and the temp came up to set point and stayed there, but a couple of min later the aux heat appeared on the thermostat even though the set temp and the actual temp were the same? After about 10 min I looked and the aux was still on but the temp was still on set point?
I guess my question is, do I have a system acting normal for a heat pump, or do I need to check it out,

Thanks for your input!
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-1F is pretty low for most heat pumps to be effective ... and many automatically shut down and activate EM HT below ~ 4 F.
The register temperatures you measured seem pretty decent - 108F at the register for 24F ambient from the heat pump alone would make me happy.
At -1F can EM HT alone keep you warm - have you tried that ? If not maybe the resistance heaters are too small, or maybe a breaker is turned off - e.g. you have 10kw and 20 kw are needed at really low temperatures.
Depending on how it's wired, maybe all the resistance heaters are not coming on at AUX. If EMHT alone can do the job, then properly configured heat pump + AUX should be able to too.
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Thanks four your input. Since posting I have found a couple of things that were not right. We had suffered a power outage a few weeks ago and it caused the thermostat to go to it's default setting which was not for an electric furnace. I am not really sure how much of an effect that really had on my heating issue? I found out today that the heaters (15k) were coming on when they were supposed to, but the thermal device was turning them off before they could help much. It appeared that there is not enough cold air return area to allow the blower to send enough air across the heaters and they were getting to hot and shutting down, but the thermostat was still showing that they were. On. I cut a 8X 14 hole in the cold air return just below the filter and installed a "register" with adjustable flaps and I will see if that helps with my low air flow across the heaters problem? I just did this a few hours ago and it appears it is working, however the temp is only supposed to get down to 28, so not exactly the same as 1deg. Again, thanks!
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