New system not as comfortable as old - Thermostat Calibration different?

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New system not as comfortable as old - Thermostat Calibration different?

I recently had a brand new fully communicating system installed. They did a superb job, and Im totally happy with the install. Additional air returns were installed as the old ones were not adeqate.

However, family members complain that the old system was comfortable on 77/78 degrees, whereas this one needs to be set on 75/76 to get similar levels of comfort.

This new unit is fully communicating and zoned, so I have access to a plethora of data that I never used to have. So far, I can find absolutely no basis for this complaint. At the same time, Im convinced that it also does not feel as comfortable.

The only thing I can figure is that the Wifi 6000 Honeywell was calibrated differently so when you set it on 77, it was OK, and the new one needs to be on 76 or 75.

I have tested with independent thermometers and the rooms that have little outside influence indicate the temperature is true to the stat.

Also, the stat indicates that the humidity level is anywhere from 43-48%. There's just no reason to feel more uncomfortable unless the stats were calibrated differently.

Is that even a remote possibility?
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Sure, not all thermometers read the same so I'm not surprised changing the thermostat changed the comfortable temperature setting.
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If their comfortable at 75/76 then what's the problem,new systems act differently,often times just replacing stat,I get complaints until the customer gets use to it.
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I work in a small hospital with about 300 staff/residents/patients and as part of my job and on a daily basis listen to any number of these people telling me their "feelings".
I have learned two things: if you think you are uncomfortable you will be uncomfortable and that people are very sensitive to very small changes in the temperature/humidity relationship.

You say the system is "zoned".......if zoning was part of your upgrade how was this done?
Zoning in a residential setting is tricky and if this was added could have changed how your system operates.

My advice is to do your job and make sure the system is mechanically working properly but as suggested get used to how it operates.

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