Fahrenheat electric heater always in low heat when no-self mount thermostat


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Fahrenheat electric heater always in low heat when no-self mount thermostat

I have 4 Fahrenheat 70inches Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater install in each room of my condo. 2 are old model which has self-mount thermostat. they heat up fast when I set to HI heat. other 2 are newly bought which has no self-mount thermostat.

When this heater only connects to electric switch without a thermostat, is it by default in highest temperature or lowest setting? My livingroom has an existing baseboard heater(same brand, same look, similar model) which has attached thermostat. now I added a new heater( doesn't have thermostat) and connect them together in one electric switch( no wall thermostat). when turn on the power, the old heater heats fast. the new one has very low temperature.

I have another room installed this new heater( no attached thermostat) but connect with a wall mount thermostat. it has same issue. heat up very slow and always in low heat even I turn the thermostat to highest temp. Why? does the new model heat up slower than old model? or what I have missed when I install them?
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Do you know the wattage of your heaters? Old electric baseboards had more power/wattage but could get quite hot which could be a hazard if people placed furniture or curtains too close. Newer heaters are lower powered and do not get as hot as a safety feature.
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You would need to check specific model numbers.
Usually those heaters only run at one temperature.
It looks those are 240v heaters. Are they on a 240v circuit ?

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