stat deadband vs temp differential


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stat deadband vs temp differential

Hi all. I see conflicting definitions for a thermostat "deadband" feature and some use deadband interchangeably with temp. differential.

AFAIK, if the tstat set point is 77F and I program a 3F temp diff, the compressor comes on at 80F and turns off at 77F, for the cooling cycle, right?

How would a 3F stat deadband work?

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The terms are often used interchangeably.

But a lot of stats may have the setpoint in the middle of the differential.

So with a 3F differential, set to 77F, it may turn the a/c on at 78.5F and shut it at 75.5F.

I don't recommend more than a 2F differential.

Better stats do not use a fixed differential, they have a cph setting and the stat decides how to cycle it to maintain the setpoint. Uses differential plus rate of change.
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Deadband in my circles refers to the differential between the heating/cooling modes when a thermostat automatically switches between the two functions.
Also, the differential adjustment works differently on different controls.
They can either turn off or on when the differential is set......this could also be different between heating and cooling modes.
You need the mfrs info sheet to know how a control is set up.

An example of deadband is I am replacing two simple thermostats for heat and an exhaust fan in my small greenhouse with a digital one.
It allows me to set the differential for the on/off cycles for heating and cooling.
It also lets me set the deadband between heating and cooling.
I will set a 2 deg C deadband which will be perfect for a greenhouse.

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