Problem with condensation around vent


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Problem with condensation around vent

I have an issue with condensation forming on the bathroom A\C vent in the ceiling. None of the other upstairs rooms have this issue. This occurs whether the bathroom has been used recently or not (not steamed up from a shower).

I went in the attic and could feel some leakage where the vent is attached to the drywall and used some foil tape to try to seal it better. The insulated flexible pipe feeding the vent is attached securely and nothing seem so be leaking around that junction to the ceiling vent. I packed more insulation around the vent but none of this seems to have helped.

Any suggestions?

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Hi, is this condensation only present when the vent is blowing air out? Normall condesation forms when warm moist air hits a colder surface.
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I have seen this issue many times. I usually pick up a 5C523 four inch back draft damper and install it on a vertical section of the bathroom vent pipe.

The vent pipe is usually a very thin aluminum accordion style pipe that I cut with my pocket knife and tape on with duct tape.

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