Heat pump freezing... disconnected wire?


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Heat pump freezing... disconnected wire?

Hello Experts,

I have an Amana GPH1436H

Last winter, all was working well until the last cold month when the it started icing over. There was frost all around the outside and an ice cube surrounding the inside parts.

For summer it was working - it cooled the house with no problems - but it was still icing up outside a little... now we're back to winter and it's icing up tons more.

I took the side panel off and noticed that one of the wires was dangling. If you look at the picture below there's a black Siemens module at the top right. At the bottom of it are a red cable and the yellow cable. It's kind of hard to see but the yellow cable is just dangling there and it looks like it would fit right next to the red one (same connector types)

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If you trace the dangling yellow cable it goes to the motor

It seems odd that a wire connected to the motor would go nowhere especially when there's a space right for it. I was reluctant to try connecting it without getting some advice first.

Could this be why the unit is not defrosting? It worked for a few years and we haven't changed the register config (i.e. they're all open) and we changed the filters last August (IIRC.) I was assuming that if it cooled in summer, the freon levels would be OK (but you can probably tell I'm not an HVAC person)

Here's a pic of the control panel if it helps

Any advice gratefully received


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That is the contactor in the picture and yes the yellow wire is shown as being connected to it but not next to the red wire. That is an ECM (electronic variable speed) blower. I'm trying to figure how the blower even worked for cooling without the yellow wire being connected. The yellow wire is the cooling speed for the blower.

Don't reconnect it yet until we can confirm this information. That is an expensive motor and you don't want to fry it.

Service manual

Can you confirm these motor wires ?
Yellow on Y terminal of contactor with purple (now not connected) DON'T connect yet.
Purple on L2 terminal of contactor
Blue on C terminal of contactor
Black on L1 terminal of contactor

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Thanks for responding

The yellow on the Y terminal of the contactor goes down to the motor and is on the "2" connector (and is still not connected on the contactor end)

The purple on L2 goes to a Tyco Electronics transformer that says COM/208V/240V on the top and 24V on the bottom. It goes to the top right 240V terminal and there's a double connection where the second one goes down to the motor and onto the "N" terminal

Blue on C terminal of contactor has three connections. One on the left that goes to the 24V terminal on the transformer and splits off where one wire goes down to the bottom right of the heatpump (picture coming if needed) and the other goes off to be capped with a much thinner blue wire (like a thermostat wire?)

Black on L1 of contactor goes to the "COM" terminal on the transformer and then splits off down to "G" on the motor

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