Heat pump clicks but wonít turn on


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Heat pump clicks but wonít turn on

Iím sure itís been tackled before but I cannot find the answer for my specific problem. We have a heat pump that was working fine up until the beginning of this cold season. The unit is a 2 1/2 year old air ease heat pump. When it goes into heating mode it clicks outside, the air handler fan turns on but is just recirculating air until the temp drops enough that the auxiliary heating kicks in. I know the fan works outside because if you press the contactor everything turns on as it should and it will begin heating. If I jump the orange (o/b) and red wire it still just clicks as well as orange, yellow, white, and red. Currently I have the heat pump unhooked at the thermostat and am just using the aux heating. Iím not sure what I need to test next to try to get this thing working again, any help would be really appreciated!
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Let’s start from the beginning.
Using your meter, check for a heating call at the outdoor unit.
Don’t manually close the contactor. It’s dangerous and could potentially harm the unit.
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It sounds to me like you are low on refrigerant. There are high and low pressure switches that monitor system pressure. If it's low...... it won't start automatically.

If you want to confirm this. You'll need to locate where the thermostat wiring connects from the house to the outside condenser. It may be in the electrical connection area. The wires should be connected with wirenuts. Set the stat to cooling or connect the yellow(Y) wire to red(R) wire. Test the red and yellow wires at the wirenut splice for 24vAC. If it's there..... the problem is inside the condenser and probably low refrigerant. If you don't have the 24vAC.... you'll need to trace it back inside the house.
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Alright, I went out and tested everything. Iíve got 24 volts. Iím leaning towards the refrigerant being low as we had to have a repair made this summer for leaking referigerant twice. I hadnít even considered that, I just assumed it was fixed since it worked the rest of summer with no issues. Looks like Iíll be calling them back to look it over again. Thanks a lot!

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